March 7, 2023

IT Consulting Services for Your Business  

Why IT Consulting

IT consulting services are a crucial segment of the IT industry landscape. They give companies access to needed competence and resources and allow them to develop their products and services at the pace they require. IT Consulting services allow them to make use of newer technologies and provide what is necessary to maintain living applications. Companies can access talent without necessarily going through the costs and risk of employing workforce. At the same time, IT Consultants supply a valuable new perspective.  

Last week we discussed the benefits of becoming an IT Consultant and spoke to our CEO Simon Forshaw. This week we’ll check out the other side – what makes IT Consultants valuable for present-day IT businesses. We’ll hear Simon talk about how we achieve IMPACT for our clients. We’ll talk about how the current industry needs living applications as opposed to projects. And living applications need high-performance teams – just the kind that Polar Cape offers. 

IT Consulting Services, the Polar Cape Way 

Polar Cape’s high-performance teams and individual consultants are talented and curious people who’ve worked in different domains. This means that they can apply knowledge from one place to the other and go broad with the solutions they offer. They are not afraid to learn new tools and technologies, but they rather thrive on the opportunity to broaden their knowledge. Our agile teams are knowledgeable, skilled, and invested in staying synced with industry trends. If you are still not sure whether your company could benefit from a digital partner like Polar Cape, let’s look into some of the services Polar Cape offers. 

Polar Cape Agile Teams 

Partnering with Polar Cape means that you can get help building an agile team with our designers, developers, QA specialists, DevOps specialists, and business consultants – both onsite and nearshore. What this means is that a team that works well together will be ready to plan, execute, and support your software, or even implement a short-term upcoming improvement.  These teams offer the utmost flexibility. Flexibility in team size, in the skills, and changes in both of these over time.  

Another service that is available on a consultancy basis is Support and Maintenance. This means that you can have a dedicated and skilled support staff that can guarantee proactive service delivery. You can guarantee the quality and performance of your systems and services, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. When IT maintenance is satisfied, your internal employees can focus on developing your product without interrupting their ongoing processes.   

A third, and highly valuable service Polar Cape offers is IT Consulting by senior and experienced consultants. They work in areas such as IT service management, product ownership and analysis, architecture and Quality Assurance. This is the go-to service when you want to improve your development processes or further build your product, and you need someone who is truly experienced in their field. This is a cost-effective way to have senior and solution-oriented experts who deliver business value to your team. 


It is important to note that when working with a consulting company with such wide expertise, you don’t just get one Polar Cape team, but you get the ability and support of the entire company. Whether your business is having a hard time hiring or keeping the competence needed or is in need of extra flexibility in your teams – Polar Cape has proven to be a great digital partner by taking full responsibility for their delivery, including competence management, requirements analysis, the development process, and continuous improvement of processes. It all leads to great business value. 

Enjoy the video below!