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Who we are

At Polar Cape we are flexible and curious, we’re genuinely interested in one another, and we have a pragmatic approach to our daily work. We thrive in a culture that promotes impact in building the company, personal development and camaraderie.
We practice what we preach when it comes to company culture. We strive to live by our values of Integrity, Quality and Flexibility. We believe in building a company and work environment where individuals can succeed professionally and personally.

Why Polar Cape

Our goal is to build a company we can all be proud of. We want our colleagues to love working here, and our clients to love working with us. We try to constantly exceed our own and our clients’ expectations. We all strive after excellence and support each other to get there.

Impact. We want to have the biggest possible impact for our clients. We want our actions to make a real difference!

Excellence. We love consulting. We want to learn and grow in every way we can.

A Great Workplace. Our people are everything. We want to build a company where they can thrive.

Delivering Business Value through people and innovation

Flexibility in planning and delivery with full transparency, putting you in control.

We know how to build high performing teams.


When you need someone with the right skills, attitude, and experience to get the job done. Our consultants make a big impact.​


Increased end-customer loyalty through a proactive service delivery​.


Creating a great company culture has been core to the vision of Polar Cape since the beginning. Therefore, we are especially proud to have been recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute as one of the best companies in Sweden and Europe – and this has inspired us to be an even better workplace for senior consultants!

Simon Forshaw, CEO of Polar Cape Consulting

Simon Forshaw,
CEO of Polar Cape Consulting