April 17, 2024

IT Consulting Services as a Group!  

IT Consulting Services by our group

Even though individual reference cases for each of the three companies in our group are countless and speak of each of our work over the many years of experience in providing IT consulting services, we recently started our first project as a group. 

We have joined forces with our partners from Nordicstation to provide IT consulting services for Maintract. Maintract is a company out on a mission to revolutionise and digitalise contract and document management. They provide a seamless experience for generating, automating, and collaborating on contracts and documents in a safe and secure environment. 

Christoffer Nilsson, Chief Commercial Officer at Maintract and Kimilia Carlsson Edland, Deputy CEO at Nordicstation 

IT Consulting Services to Transform Document Management

Through our partnership we will be transforming document management using the power of GenAI. So far, the team assigned to this project is composed of an Account Manager, one Data Scientist, and two Back-End developers.  

We have joined efforts with Nordicstation for this project and managed to provide an agile development team tailored to Maintract’s specific needs. This has made it possible for them to scale their operations efficiently by smart-shoring their IT requirements to us. Together we will help create an innovative solution for Maintract’s document management platform through advanced AI integration. 

Empowering Scalability through Tailored Agile Development Teams

By integrating GenAI technology with Maintract’s platform, we are hoping to introduce a new era of e-archives where efficiency meets intelligence. This collaboration is not just about offering an IT solution. It’s about being a partner that is prepared to integrate AI to existing platforms to improve and expand their functionality.  

Our team is on track to provide proof of concept by early May, demonstrating our commitment and competence. This proof of concept will also demonstrate the strong synergy between Nordicstation and Polar Cape’s agile development teams. 

Advancing Document Management with AI Integration 

Our group’s agile development team will be delivering a cutting-edge document management solution. The solution will have advanced search capabilities and prompting features, which will give users unparalleled control over their document portfolios. It will streamline document uploading with automatic key data extraction from PDFs and Word files, further simplifying portfolio management. In addition, it will provide real-time, user-specific suggestions for document modifications, leveraging organizational data for tailored recommendations. 

Get in Touch: Learn More about Our Agile Development Teams and Maintract’s Platform  

For more information on how our agile development teams can help your business scale efficiently and navigate the complexities of IT smart-shoring, or to find out more about Maintract and how their platform can help your business, get in contact with Nordicstation or Polar Cape.