A consulting company we can be proud of!


We love working with great companies, and with great colleagues.


Polar Cape started out in 2010 with the idea of a company built by consultants for consultants.

We knew that a few things would be important:

  • A long-term vision: creating a sustainable business based on quality rather than quantity.
  • Highly competent people.
  • People who share our vision and really get involved to make it happen​.

What is a Consultant?

For us a consultant is not the same as a specialist. Sure, a consultant brings depth of knowledge is one area, but they also bring breadth of experience, a willingness to apply it, and the right mentality to bring about positive change.​


We knew we wanted to build a great company – but that’s easier said than done.

We decided to start with the end in mind. A great company should be one that people love to work at, and that clients love to work with. So that’s where we started – by figuring out how to achieve these things. We did not have a crystal ball, so we did the next best – we asked people instead!​

What our colleagues want

Our colleagues told us they valued 4 main things: a company that will help them grow, great colleagues to learn from, a fun environment where you can make real friends, and a company that really respects that they have a life outside of work too.​

What our customers want

Our customers told us they wanted to work with a company that really understood their needs and challenges, that has great people, and that knows what it takes to build a partnership.​


Our people are everything at Polar Cape, and we think it shows.

We have amazing people working here, but not just in competence. They are willing to share, and eager to support each other to succeed.​

We never pretend to know it all but if we continue to listen to what people really want – customers and colleagues alike – and develop ideas together, then we can be sure we will keep getting better.​

At Polar Cape we are happy when our clients and our colleagues love to work with us.

At Polar Cape we are happy when our clients and our colleagues love to work with us.