March 15, 2023

“Architecture of Surprise” is Integrated with GPT-3! 

Last week, Polar Cape’s team of developers who have been working with our client Prosperous Planet for the past two months, worked on GPT-3 integration for their sustainability toolkit “Architecture of Surprise”. We hope this is only one of the many success stories that will come out of this collaboration. 

To those who are not completely familiar with the topic, GPT-3 or Generative Pretrained Transformer 3, is a third generation OpenAI language model. Currently, it stands among the most powerful language models available. It covers a wide range of language processing tasks, including translation, creating text summaries, and answering questions. For comparison purposes, the widely popular ChatGPT, is a version of the GPT-3 that has been specifically designed for chatbots. 

About Prosperous Planet 

Prosperous Planet is a business consultancy that sees humanity as the driving force of the Planet’s ecosystem. Their business model is based on seeing sustainability as a possibility rather than a limitation. They don’t purely focus on compliance to find business opportunities in the area of sustainability, but they engage in thorough research and provide science-based data that help companies build informed business decisions and strategies.  

To describe it in their words: “With a new business playing field defined by complexity and uncertainty, companies need to understand both sustainability-related risks and opportunities while unleashing the power of the private sector to solve the world’s biggest challenges.” 

How GPT-3 Integration Improved “Architecture of Surprise  

GPT-3 has further improved the way Architecture of Surprise can process data. It has provided a way to go even deeper into unstructured data and extract insights that can then be applied to solving complex business problems.   

The way this is achieved is by creating a large database of topics that are relevant to a business. The database includes articles, case studies, research papers, etc. By utilizing the impressive capabilities of GPT-3 and various state-of-the-art language models, the Architecture of Surprise toolkit is able to analyze the data and generate valuable insights into the latest trends and discussion points related to the subject topics. Prosperous Planet consultants and their clients can use these findings with the intent of informed decision-making and strategy development.  

We are very proud to be a part of such a noble business initiative that works on improving the Planet. After all, we do believe that bringing scientific knowledge to private businesses will make the world a better place.