Trust and teamwork: Insight into life at Polar Cape

Author: Marija Bozhinovska, Content Manager

Polar Cape has once again been certified as a Great Place to Work!  So what does that mean to us, and what do we do in practice?

When it comes to healthy workplaces, company culture is king. Apart from defined leadership and clear goals, trust and psychological security among employees are crucial to our business. We believe that an environment where everyone can speak openly, ask questions without being judged, where every person is focused on resolving problems rather than pointing fingers, is vital when building a healthy workplace.  Moreover, companies where employees are considered the most valuable asset, are often more successful.

So what makes Polar Cape different from other consulting companies? Put simply, every employee matters.

The people are everything, and even more so in a consulting company.

Considering that we spend about a third of our precious time at work, we believe that each individual deserves to enjoy a positive social environment that ignites a sense of belonging and purpose, where one can thrive and use their full potential. Open company culture ultimately leads to successful projects, to delivering tangible results, business value and thus – satisfied customers.

Being aware that every person needs to receive recognition and acknowledgement, to feel that he is part of something great, that he contributes to achieving a common goal, Polar Cape Consulting has established own techniques and ground rules in selection and recruitment.

Last year, several candidates in Skopje have accepted an offer from Polar Cape primarily due to the company culture, the positive impression from the interviews, and the focus on personal development.

Polar Cape Consulting is a flat organization. The management is actively engaged in every aspect, from interaction with employees to communication with clients, providing support and assistance every step of the way. Equality, mutual respect and communication are just some of the traits on the list.

Sharing is caring.

Polar Capers are always willing to share knowledge and experience with others, to jump in and help a fellow coworker.

Amazing kick-offs, Eureka Sessions, Polar Cape Academy, forums are just some of initiatives and internal processes aimed at building a strong community and gaining constructive feedback. Socializing with colleagues comes naturally for Polar Capers.

Polar Capers have worked hard to develop and preserve core values as well as highest quality standards. The company has gradually developed a unique internal structure, aware that genuine and lasting change comes from within. Happy employees are productive employees. It allows to deliver and add business value to customers, to exceed clients’ expectations.

The latest results from Great Place to Work Institute are a great recognition of that effort. Polar Cape scored high on the list of organizations that have shown exceptional success in this regard, fourth year in a row. Following a variety of assessments and reviews, Polar Cape Consulting has managed to jump from the 7th to the 2nd place in only three years.

Nevertheless, Polar Capers continue with the same passion and vigor in achieving goals, pushing boundaries, aiming higher each year.

Let’s see what the future holds. Waiting for the official results in March…

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