Say hi to Victoria!

Tell us about yourself!  Where are you from and how did you end up at Polar Cape?

Previously I have been working at a large IT consultancy as an IT management consultant with focus on requirement and project management. I have experience from having assignments in various industries, but mostly within bank & finance. My passion is to improve my clients’ operational business with a desired technical solution. I enjoy to act as the bridge between IT and business. I have spent most of my career at larger companies, I longed for working in a smaller company like Polar Cape and a leading position within an IT project. On top of that I wanted to be a part of Polar Cape:s journey ahead.

What is your role at Polar Cape?

BA and PL

How was it to start at Polar Cape:

Great, everyone which I met so far are nice, humble and down to earth. The organization is flat and management are present; it´s easy to grab a lunch with our CEO; Simon and the others in the management team.

What about Polar Cape do you like most?

I like the company culture and the international environment. It feels more familiar that everyone knows everyone and everyone knows the others’ competences and what they are good at.

It is very interesting to work at an international company as Polar Cape that I can get the chance to work with talent people who have different backgrounds and competences.

Private passions?

When I´m not working, I like to take dance classes at SATS with my friends, it´s fun, besides that I think it´s nice with arranging home nights with friends and make dinner together and play board games. I enjoy travelling to the beach and sun; I like to dive and snorkeling because it´s fascinating to see colorful live as corals and fishes under the water. I just received my Green Card so I´m excited for the golf tours in Spring.


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