February 15, 2024

The Story of BizLab Analytics: Advanced AI Services for Stores and Media 

“We’ve had a very good experience with Polar Cape so far. They are professionals with a business mindset, which is an asset to us. They make it possible for us to quickly find and add the resources we need to solve our challenges. This allows us to be more flexible, since we can easily switch Consultants, based on the talent we need. I can only give my warmest recommendations.” 

Magnus Hansson, Founder at BizLab Analytics 

BizLab Analytics was founded in 2021 in Stockholm. They are the creators of an AI based platform intended to be used with digital screens that can identify specific target groups and only show content that is meant for this particular group. To complement that, users of BizLab services may receive detailed statistics about how many people have seen a message. This data is broken down by age and gender, making it possible to even further adapt and specify future messaging.   

Even though online marketing has developed a lot in recent years, the physical world has been missing out on the opportunity. BizLab’s AI model has changed this completely, offering advertisers the possibility to make their targets as specific as possible. Their services can be used to measure, analyse, and optimise marketing in crowded spaces, such as shops, shopping centres, or airports. 

BizLab Analytics and Polar Cape consultants working together at Skopje office.

Polar Cape and BizLab Analytics 

BizLab met Polar Cape in 2023. Magnus Hansson, Founder at BizLab Analytics, warmly recommends Polar Cape as a digital partner. To them, this experience has given business value, along with the flexibility of getting the exact technical expertise that they need, based on the project’s changing requirements.   

Polar Cape consultants have worked on BizLab’s software solution that is used with the digital screens that collect data about the people who pass by, as well as handles the platform that manages the ads. The platform gathers statistical data about specific groups, times, crowds, areas of larger spaces. There are currently seven Polar Cape consultants working on BizLab’s platform in both back-end and front-end. Together they formed the full development team and were the team to bring BizLab’s solution into production as a nearshore team.   

The platform is could-based with hardware that is installed on location. Our consultants configure the screens and advertisements and make sure they are set up properly to gather necessary data. The information gathered is then turned into reports. An important note to make here is that during this process, personal data is completely safe. No sensitive information is saved or dealt with, and the profiles built are completely anonymous.  

Advantages of Using AI for Advertising  

Besides the safety of data and not invading privacy for marketing purposes, which has been a growing issue in today’s world, BizLab’s advertising model offers a multitude of advantages. It offers personalized advertising that can modify messaging in real-time. Having the data in mind, businesses can make better assumptions about inventory and optimise their sales strategies. This could lead to less wasteful practices and cost efficiency in the long run. Taking all of this into account, we can say that AI targeted advertising could make for an enhanced and more enjoyable shopping experience. 


Our consultants love working on an innovative solution as BizLab’s platform. They work in close collaboration with BizLab’s in-house team. They are excited about what the product’s future will bring, especially when it comes to expanding the product’s capabilities.  

If you want to know more about BizLab, experience the product, or book a demo, you may head to their website for initial contact.