December 16, 2022

“Polar Cape Consultants Feel Like a Part of Our Company” – The Story of MedUniverse  

For this week’s post, we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Anna Norin – COO and Co-founder, Kristina Ahlström – Chief Product Officer, and Adrian Lozano – Chief Technical Officer at MedUniverse.  

MedUniverse is a health-tech company founded in 2009. They provide a platform for the pharmaceutical industry, where users can engage by uploading content that can be used for educational, marketing, and sales purposes.  

We have been working very closely with this client since 2016 and have loved watching them grow, as well as contributing to their growth, while, at the same time, doing some growing of our own. Our consultants have various roles at MedUniverse: Frontend and Backend Development, as well as Quality Assurance, and UI/UX Design. 

A Small Company that Landed the Large-Scale Pharma Customers  

Kristina Ahlström, Chief Product Officer at MedUniverse, has been with the company since their start. To quote her words from her interview – Polar Cape managed to give them the required flexibility so that their product can evolve with great ease.  

From the very beginning of their company, MedUniverse had spent time really listening in on the needs of the pharma industry. The expert and readily available IT consulting teams at Polar Cape had made it possible for MedUniverse to move at a quick pace and change when that was required of them. Listening to the needs of the industry, and having this flexibility to make changes is what allowed MedUniverse to land large-scale pharma customers. Knowing that they have the IT power that can change along with their pace and needs, which are directly dictated by the needs of the pharma industry, they were able to constantly add new expertise to their team and grow. And this freedom to change and constantly adapt to the needs of MedUniverse customers was and is especially important because their industry is compliance-driven. 

Polar Cape Consultants are a Part of Our Team 

Chief Technology Officer, Adrian Lozano, likes how Polar Cape consultants have blended in with the MedUniverse team, both in terms of work ethic, as well as company culture. According to him, our consultants have the required skillset, but also just the right personality and attitude towards their work. This can be seen in the daily calls, but also in the team building events between the two companies, which help share the mutual corporate values, mission, and vision.  

To put it in Adrian’s words: “We get great candidates and most of the time we don’t need to interview that many, because the first one is usually a great fit.” 

Find out the MedUniverse side of the story in the video below. 

The Story of MedUniverse