December 9, 2022

Welcome to Our New Blog Series 

We are so glad to be back on this journey with you – the Polar Cape Blog. This is a place where we discuss our company culture, our lovely teammates, and our clients’ experiences in their years of working with us. It’s a place where we share our stories, and where you may really get the feel of our daily lives as Polar Capers. 

And we feel these are important stories to tell, whether you are a client, or a future consultant who wants to know more about our values and what we stand for.  

We truly hope you’ll get to enjoy our stories. 

A Brief History  

The spirit in which our company was built is witnessed by the team culture we enjoy today. As you may already know, our four founders created the company having in mind what kind of company culture they would like to enjoy in their future workplace, but at the same time, what kind of client experience they wanted to be able to offer. And the retention of the people who contributed to the team was one great part of this, especially since consistency is an important aspect of the quality of service provided by consultants in the IT industry.  

The company started as an idea for a feeling that our founders wanted employees to have every day when they came into work. To put it in their words: “We know the struggle of an employee who wakes up every morning, goes in to do the best they can for their job, and we know the feeling of dissatisfaction which at one point will drive an employee to leave their company.” 

Glenda’s Version of the Polar Cape Story 

One of the first smiling faces that will greet you when you are on the path of becoming a Polar Caper is our dear HR Business Partner at the Stockholm office, Glenda Sedighi. As you will see for yourself in the video below, it’s a truly lovely smile.  

And who would do a better job than her to give you this very first insight into our work culture than our awesome teammate Glenda? Glenda’s been with Polar Cape for 7 years and this lady has done it all – from finance, to office and event management, and now more recently, HR. She is a true testimony to what a dedicated person who gives their all at their workplace can receive back from it when they are with the right company. She replied to our questions about her own Polar Cape experience, how her role has changed over the years, her favorite things about the people and the company, as well as what she likes to do in her spare time.  

Enjoy our lovely conversation in the video below.  

Glenda’s Version of the Polar Cape Story