January 26, 2024

One Agency, Nordicstation, and Polar Cape Join Forces

Creating a highly competitive European IT Consulting group, with a focus on agile teams  

IT consulting companies One Agency AB, Nordicstation AB, and Polar Cape AB are joining forces to create a European group with over 250 employees, as well as over 100 subcontractors. The complementary expertise of the three companies forms a robust offering in agile teams, software development, IT management, and industry-specific SaaS solutions. With a mix of consultants in Sweden and a near-shore team in North Macedonia, the new organisation significantly enhances delivery capacity and scalability, providing an even stronger platform to accelerate clients’ digital transformations. The newly formed company boasts a collective portfolio of over 150 clients, a turnover exceeding 350 MSEK, and offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo, Skopje, Bitola, and Sofia.

“We look forward to developing and expanding our operations together with Nordicstation and Polar Cape. The offerings and expertise of the three companies complement each other very well. As a collective group, we will be able to provide our clients with both an expanded offering and greater delivery capacity. We share a vision and cultural values, further strengthening our attractiveness in the talent market. Together, we will achieve increased visibility and foster a shared pride through a new and inspiring brand. I am convinced that we have the potential to become one of Sweden’s leading players in the industry, and with a strong majority owner supporting us, we also have ambitions to continue expanding internationally,” says Paulina Illman Lindefeldt, CEO of One Agency.

“As part of a larger group, we lift our offering to the next level with our agile development teams as the foundation. By integrating our agile capabilities with the expanded competence platform, we position ourselves strongly to create increased value for our clients. I also look forward to more clients benefiting from our SaaS offering,” says Cecilia Ingmo Magnergård, CEO of Nordicstation.

“We look forward to combining our expertise and delivery models to provide more value to a larger client base. Moreover, the new group opens up exciting project and career opportunities for our employees –in the Nordics and in Europe,” says Simon Forshaw, CEO of Polar Cape.

Initially, One Agency, Nordicstation, and Polar Cape will operate under their existing brand names. The goal is to establish a unified consulting business under a new shared brand.

About One Agency

One Agency is an IT consulting company specialising in digital transformation. Through a broad range of high-quality services in tech and IT management, they assist clients in accelerating their digitisation more rapidly, easily, and predictably. One Agency has approximately 50 employees across three offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, and employs around 50 subcontractors in its well-established partner network.

About Nordicstation

Nordicstation is an IT partner that generates ideas, develops, operates, and manages IT solutions for the global market. Nordicstation offers a range of specialised products and services to optimise the IT landscape for companies and organisations in both the private and public sectors. The company’s expertise is delivered through external consulting services and internal development teams. Nordicstation has approximately 50 employees, primarily based in Stockholm.

About Polar Cape

Polar Cape is an IT consulting company with expertise in agile product development, solution architecture, and agile teams. Polar Cape provides IT support 24/7/365 and has 150 employees in Sweden, Norway, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria. By combining local and nearshore elements, they create the most efficient agile teams.