April 3, 2018

Polar Cape named best workplace in Sweden

Polar Cape Consulting has been named the best workplace in Sweden for 2018 by the Great Place to Work Institute. Following a variety of assessments, including a trust index, culture audit, and a survey, Polar Cape Consulting was chosen as it exhibits perseverance and zeal to constant improvement, integrity and quality in delivering value to all stakeholders.

“The company that knows culture eats strategy for breakfast and over the years has had full focus on building a culture where their consultants can grow and feel togetherness. We can only congratulate them for their continued success and their first place this year!” Maria Grudén, CEO of Great Place to Work Institute says in a statement.

“Being part of something great, a sense of purpose and belonging, of trust and leadership, mutual respect and inclusion go a long way when creating a great workplace,” Polar Cape employees say.

Employees say that Polar Cape offers truly exquisite working conditions and excellent personal development opportunities.

“The company offers opportunities to do the best work. The flexibility in terms of tasks, assignments, and time management is ideal for achieving balance. I can express my opinion openly, I can contribute to the overall success of the company. The management shows trust that I will perform well and execute my tasks diligently. And what is most important, I really look forward to coming to work every day,” an employee says.

“I’m in the company for almost a month and a half until now, and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been given all the necessary information and resources I need to succeed in my new role. I have the opportunity to address any questions or concerns I may have to my personal development manager. Also, the team is great and I feel very comfortable and welcomed.” Rahilka Simonova, Junior Front-end developer said following onboarding.

This highest recognition proves that Polar Capers feel that they work for an engaging company that embraces diversity and multiculturalism, a company that cares for their overall well-being.

“Creating a great company culture has been core to the vision of Polar Cape since the beginning.  Therefore we are especially proud to have received this recognition from Great Place to Work, and intend to use it as inspiration to be an even better workplace for senior consultants!” CEO and co-founder Simon Forshaw said.

Polar Capers have worked hard to develop and preserve core values as well as highest quality standards. The company has gradually developed a unique internal structure, aware that genuine and lasting change comes from within. Open company culture ultimately leads to successful projects, to delivering tangible results, business value and thus – satisfied customers.