July 19, 2023

Inside Polar Cape: The Story of Peter 

Peter Edhäll has been with Polar Cape for over a year now, in the role of COO. Peter used to be a part of the media industry for many years. He had multiple opportunities to work with Polar Cape whenever his previous places of business needed IT Consulting services. So even though he has been with the company for a year, it feels like he’s known everyone for much longer – since he had enjoyed that previous cooperation very much. 

Our chat explored the two sides of Polar Cape – being a part of the company culture, as well as using Polar Cape’s IT Consulting services.  

Working for Polar Cape 

To put it in Peter’s words, Polar Cape gives everyone a chance to grow. Everyone who joins gets an opportunity to transform their role, but also contributes to the company’s evolution in a way. The company is not the same today as it was 13 years ago when it started, since every single employee has contributed and changed the company in some manner. In the case of Peter, he had the chance to get to know the capabilities of our consultants even before starting, even though now his role is completely different.  

It has been interesting for Peter to build his role, and how it can serve both Macedonian and Swedish locations. His role continues to evolve and grow depending on the market, on our customers, but also where his interests are and where he may want to be in the future.  

The Culture 

Peter’s favourite thing about the company is the culture and the people who work at Polar Cape. To him, it’s a really open culture. Even though the roles and the work are serious, it’s not uncommon for employees to get together and have fun and have a chat in the afternoon. He emphasises that it’s a big change after the pandemic where everyone used to work from home. Now he really enjoys meeting his colleagues and going to the office every day.  

In his spare time, Peter loves spending time with his family. He loves being outdoors with them, both summer and winter. They go camping, skiing, and all fun things that can be done together outdoors.  

What Makes Polar Cape Unique 

“What makes Polar Cape unique is that we actually care. And not just about giving the customers what they need, but we also care a lot about everyone working here. That combination is normally a very good thing and makes a good team – that makes not just the management, but also the consultants who work here truly care about their workplace, and with that bring their best to the table. I think the combination of caring about the customer and the employees is a really good thing. And it’s more fun working that way!”, says Peter.  

Peter ended our conversation by saying: “Hey, did that get through? I really wanted to show that people who work here are really close to each other, you know, truly like family.” 

We believe he really did, see for yourself in the video below!