This guy joined Polar Cape as a Business Analyst…you won´t believe what happened next!



Say hi to our BA, Peter Jacobsson!


Peter joined in October 2016…let’s find out what he has to say about his first few months at Polar Cape.




Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and how did you end up at Polar Cape?

I have a background of working with companies in banking, financial services and financial tech for more than five years’ in the roles of business analyst, requirements analyst and within product development and product management.
Hearing about Polar Cape it immediately caught my interest, it is a truly multinational company with founders from three countries and with offices in Stockholm and Macedonia. Having gotten to know the people behind it I can confirm that it is an exciting company with a warm and “familiar” feel. Because of its relative size, I felt that I could have an impact in the activities outside of client work and that there were possibilities to grow with the company. I also saw it as a great opportunity to learn from the great knowledge within Polar Cape in agile development and the long experience of working with cross-border teams.

What is your role at Polar Cape?

I am a Senior Consultant taking on roles as Business Analyst and Product Owner. I have recently been working with an interesting company in the financial industry; helping them to develop their agile development processes and with requirements analysis for up and coming releases.

How was it to start at Polar Cape:

Something I noticed early on was the company culture, that I best can describe with a reference to Google. After years of analysis Google uncovered that the key to great teamwork and high productivity was simply: to be nice. I believe that this is something that above all pervades the culture at Polar Cape.

I have received a warm and personal welcome my initial time at Polar Cape. Attending the Eurostar software testing conference was a great way to kick it off with presentations that left you inspired and an opportunity to meet colleagues and an international crowd of conference participants in development and consulting.

The first weeks where filled with opportunities to get to know colleagues and great fun after work activities, it also happened to coincide with the celebration of Polar Cape’s new branding at our monthly company meeting.

What about Polar Cape do you like most?

The feeling that people are taking care of each other, that the culture is open and that you don’t need to be afraid to ask questions or of making mistakes (which tend to minimize actual ones). Also, that there is a great transparency at the company to discuss options and the career ahead, so that you can steer towards project and areas that you find the most interesting.

Private passions?

When I am not working, I like to do things that gives me energy; among those is engaging in creative side projects within design, photography and personal development. I also like to read, ranging from French existentialists to non-fiction in the tech field which comes useful for work as well.

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