Polar Expedition 2017

Swedish explorer Nordenskiöld led Expedition Vega in the 19th century – the first ever crossing of the Northeast Passage. 200 years later our adventurer Lena Padukova is following in his waves!

In an environment like the Arctic Sea where no one can tell exatcly what ice pattern and weather conditions to expect, many attempts has been made to sail the Northern Trade Route, some successful and some less so… It is a route fraught with danger and unpredictable obstacles. Starting in Kirkenäs, Norway, Lena will combine her skills in project management from her IT career with experience from previous adventures to sail all the way to Alaska, US.

Polar Cape is proud to be Lena Padukovas partner in the arctic adventure Polar Expedition! Watch her present this staggering project in the video and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Insta for updates!


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