January 20, 2023

Polar Cape is а Great Place to Work® 

Polar Cape has once again been recognised as a Great Place to Work® – in both Sweden and Macedonia. And to our great pleasure, we are the only IT company in Macedonia that has received this recognition. 

Polar Cape has worked with the Great Place to Work® Institute of Sweden since 2014. Certification is achieved in two-steps: an employee survey and completing a short questionnaire about the workforce. The certification process requires companies to achieve a 70% average on the survey, and Polar Cape scored 88% in the most recent survey. 

Through the years the results of this survey have helped us shape our company. Furthermore, it has helped us truly understand the needs of our employees. We’ve worked very hard to amplify our strengths and even harder to find areas for further development. This has enabled us to maintain a great company culture and offer outstanding employee experience, and at the same time create an atmosphere where they thrive and become the best consultants they can be. 

Having everything in mind, the results are that 91% of our teammates consider Polar Cape a Great Place to Work®.

One of the comments we received as part of the Great Place to Work® survey.

Outstanding Employee Experience

What we found really encouraging about the results of this survey is that despite the challenges that the last few years threw at us (pandemic, economic crises, changes in the industry and market…), we managed to maintain the company culture, that is, the consistency of the experience of how it feels working for Polar Cape. When looking at the results from previous years compared to where we stand today, we are glad that despite the challenges and despite our growth, employees still feel the benefit of the principles on which we built Polar Cape. And this is the reason why we do this survey – to find more ways in which we can improve and do better.  

To quote our CEO, Simon Forshaw: “Company culture doesn’t happen by accident. It’s about conscious choices in all of our processes. From interviewing through onboarding, to follow up – making sure our people have everything they need.” 

One of the comments we received as part of the Great Place to Work® survey.

Some of the Numbers that Make Us a Great Place to Work®  

In addition, here are some of the separate responses that gave us the amazing score and made us a Great Place to Work®.

  • 98% of our people believe that you feel welcome when you join the organisation. The same percentage of them believe that people here are treated fairly regardless of their age, race or ethnicity, or gender.  
  • 98% of our people believe that management is honest and ethical in its business practices. In addition, 96% of them said that management is approachable and easy to talk with. 
  • 95% of the responders believe this is a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work. The same percentage of them said they can count on people to cooperate.  94% said “People care about each other here”.
  • 94% of our people feel proud to tell others they work here. 93% look forward to coming to work here. The same percentage of people said “I can be myself around here”.  
  • 94% of our people believe that our customers would rate the service we deliver as “excellent”. (Check out what our customers said about us here!)
  • 92% believe Polar Cape is a fun place to work.  

What Our People Said about Polar Cape 

What makes us especially proud is that we have once again confirmed that what makes Polar Cape great are the people who work here. 42% of the answers to the question “What makes your organisation a great place to work?” contained the phrase “the people”. This just melts our hearts and shows us we are doing things right.  

Throughout this post you may read some of the amazing things our teammates included in their answers.

We truly thank our teammates for their amazing words. Polar Cape couldn’t be what it is today without all of you. And if you want to learn more about open positions at Polar Cape, feel free to check out our careers page which we update regularly.

One of the comments we received as part of the Great Place to Work® survey.