Polar Cape Hits 100!

Author: Simon Forshaw, CEO

As of Monday 4th February 2019 we welcome a New colleague, and with that we are 100 people working in Polar Cape today.  What a journey so far, and what a year 2019 is shaping up to be!

The idea of being 100 people seemed like a strange concept when Polar Cape started in 2010, it seemed theoretically possible –  if we make the right choices and stick at it, why not?  But it was also very abstract, like imagining running a marathon when you’ve never run 10km, or learning Japanese.  But we did stick at it, we did stick to our principles, and we did certainly get joined by a whole load of amazing people along the way.  Now look where we are!

Polar Cape is in many ways a different company than when we started – in terms of what we know, how we work, what we can do – but I think that the essence of Polar Cape is very much the same.  In 2010 we said we wanted to create a consulting company where consultant could truly thrive, with an open, transparent, and rewarding atmosphere.  That way we could deliver the best service to our clients. I can still recognise the Polar Cape of today in that description!

One thing we have always said is that Quality is more important than Quantity.  We have grown steadily, a little faster in the last two years, but we have never compromised on recruitment standards, and have worked with continuous improvement every year since we started.   Apart from just being 100 people, we are especially proud of growing to 100 while keeping our great company culture, work ethic, and delivery quality.  In fact – I will happily stick my neck out and say we are a better company now than we have ever been.  We know ourselves better, we have a more stable foundation, and we can now achieve more than ever!

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