Nectarine – AI and IOT for proactive care​


Nectarine have created a smart bracelet for elderly care, recording data such as pulse and activity patterns, which is then reported to the self-learning system.  By comparing the patient’s status and motions with their usual behavior, the system can detect anomalies and alert staff or relatives without the patient having to, for example, press an alarm button.​

Nectarine had developed the technology and platform for collecting and analyzing the information from the residents. Now they needed a user-friendly interface to make the advanced technology easy to use. Also, it needed to be easy to develop as new functionality will be added along the way, and run on any device – computers, mobile phones and tablets. ​

As a final request, just to make things a bit more challenging, Nectarine needed to have this interface developed in record time since they wanted to demo the system at an important tradeshow. ​

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