Internship programme: Way to test-drive a new career

Every year, students and enthusiasts join Polar Cape’s internship programme, gaining insights into the latest trends in IT.  The programme features projects for front-end and back-end development in different programming languages including Angular, React, Mongo DB, ASP.NET, UX design etc.

The successful cooperation between Polar Cape and the NGO IAESTE Macedonia enabled the participation of a young student from Turkey, Oğuzhan Şimşek.

Read more about his experience at Polar Cape.

How did you end up at Polar Cape?

I was looking for an internship via IAESTE and I saw Polar Cape’s internship ad.  After doing some research, I thought it would be a good step for my future career.

What attracted you to apply for our internship programme?

When I learned that Polar Cape works with almost all new frameworks and technologies, I immediately applied, hoping to improve and expand my knowledge.

What was your task?

My task was to build an Resource Management Application for Polar Cape.  With this application, the project cycle and employees can easily be tracked. I worked both on the front-end and back-end.

Which technologies did you use?

I used Java Spring, Angular and MySQL. Moreover, I was quite unfamiliar with the Angular framework.  So I can say I learned the Angular basics and of course, I learned Macedonian.

What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me was to learn Angular.  It was completely different from any technology I’ve worked with before.

Are you satisfied with the outcome?

I am pretty satisfied with what I’ve learnt and the treatment by my mentors and my colleagues.

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