Impact and Flexibility during the Corona crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event, and is truly testing the flexibility of organisations in many ways.

At Polar Cape we are now two weeks into working from home.  It’s almost hard to remember how we worked before this!  Good news is that the transition to WFH went actually better than expected.  And efficiency is actually… up!  How so?

Well, this seems partly due to less commuting and distractions during the workday.  But it’s also due to the fact that ALL project stakeholders – regardless of role and geographic location – are now working from home.  It’s sometimes hard to get full efficiency with teams onsite trying to synchronise work with some team members working from home or offsite.  But geographic location does not matter if everyone is working from home! 

Of course there are pitfalls as well when everyone is working from home. Some of them are: loss of communication, loss of informal information flows, diminishing motivation over time. It will be interesting to see how the balance between pros and cons will affect work patterns in the future.

At Polar Cape we are having to react really fast and adapt along with our customers – like so many companies at the moment.  But so far so good.  Here are some success factors we have notices in our services and way of working that means we have been able to adapt to this new ‘normal’ and in fact have been well positioned to help our customers in this extraodinary time:

  • Highly independant and competent consultants
  • Our services are fully online-ready
  • Tried and tested development processes, independant of location
  • High usage of virtual/online collaboration tools
  • Great workplace culture encourages great communications habits
  • The right business model combining local and nearshore consultants.

Many companies are in unchartered waters now…needing to manage risk but still delivering to customers and building for the future. All companies need to find the best business strategy to deliver digital projects, given that scenario.

I really believe that Polar Cape is especially well suited to help our customers in this challenging time and this applies to new business as well. If everyone is working from home – you need the best value for money, best quality, and most flexibility you can under those circumstances. This is where Polar Cape can help you!

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