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Candidate experience is about how the job seeker perceives and reacts to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding processes. It is directly tied to recruiting performance, making it one of the most highly regarded talent acquisition topics today. 

At Polar Cape we have always practiced lean and simple recruitment techniques and processes. Now we asked four of our more recent hires to explain how they felt throughout the process and give us direct insight into their candidate experience.  

Filip Stefanovski has been with Polar Cape since last November, Kiril Pepovski and Filip Kalkovaliev joined us at the start of 2019 and Jasna Jolakoska joined the bunch starting later in January. Here is what they told us looking back at their overall experience: 

Have you heard about Polar Cape before being contacted by our recruitment team, or applying yourselves for an open position? 

I heard about the company from a colleague and a friend of mine. Then I did a little research and found out about the GPTW (Great Place to Work) rankings of the company. That drove my attention. Shortly afterwards, I applied for one of the open positions and was scheduled an interview. I liked the general idea of what Polar Cape is all about and so, I became a part of the team.  – Kiril   

What is the first thing you remember about Polar Cape? 

Kind and friendly people. – Filip S.  

The first time I entered the office was for my first interview. I remember that I liked the workspace a lot, and everyone was very kind showing my way around. The second thing I remember is Polar Cape’s New Year’s Eve party and having a blast there.   –  Kiril  

How did you like the recruitment process? 

I really liked how the recruitment process is organized and adjusted according to open positions and needed seniority level. It was pleasant and friendly experience, and it gave me a well-rounded image about company organization and my potential role in the company. – Filip S.  

Jasna and Filip K at this years JavaSkop

When I look back in the past now I can say that the recruitment process in Polar Cape was kind of fun for me because the people who interviewed me were so kind and they made me feel like I can be free to express myself and be comfortable as I didn’t know what to expect, since it was my first interview for a while. I was amazed by the guys who interviewed me, Stojan and Petar, and their experience in IT so I thought to myself if I’m going to get this job then I can learn new things and work with professionals. – Filip K.  

I liked the speed with which recruitment took place, the friendly approach of the staff. I liked that everyone was very nice and professional. – Jasna 

Tell us what you think about the process. Was it fast enough, transparent enough, easy enough and did the process allow you to show the best you have to offer? 

I completely agree! The process was straight forward, and Polar Cape’s technology versatility offered me to use my whole technical tool-chain in order to contribute in the company. – Filip S.  

Filip S. – DJing at our Black and White party

The process was fast. It was transparent – I was introduced to all the possibilities of the company, the whole structure, the way of working and the position on which I will work. After coming to Polar Cape, I can see that everything that was as said. The interviewers gave me enough time to talk about what I know, and what I want to say.- Jasna 

It was my first interview out of 3 I had while, searching for a new company.  I can say that this was the best process. It was fast, the HR part was first and then the technical interview followed, and it was done in an hour and a half. This reduced the stress of too many interviews and days in between while waiting for the outcome. My final interview with one of the founders, Simon, came after 3 days and it was fun talking with Simon, he was friendly and made me comfortable to express myself and my goals for when I join the company. All in all, the process was transparent and easy.  – Filip K. 

If you can pinpoint the moment when you decided that you want to join PC, what moment would that be? 

I wanted a mature and well-established environment where I can grow professionally, and Polar Cape was a perfect match for it. – Filip S.  

It was shortly after the couple of interviews I had. I was thinking about my impressions for the company and then the phone rang. They were very open and said that the feedback was positive. Afterwards, I went to their office. They asked me if I would take the opportunity and I said “yes”.  Kiril 

That would be the moment when I realized with what ambition the company approaches the projects and that there are many experienced colleagues that I can learn a lot from. -Jasna 

For me the best thing in one company are the people working there. I wanted to work in a smaller company with a friendly environment and that is what attracted me. So, in a way HR convinced me to join this company by explaining to me the culture of the company.  – Filip K. 

What is the most exciting thing you remember about your first day at the office? 

The feeling that I’m part of the Polar Cape’s team for a long time, even though it was my first day at work 🙂– Filip S.  

Meeting a lot of new people. I did not know much about the people there, so it was an interesting experience. – Kiril  

I remember that day I slept only 2 hours because I was so excited to start and I didn’t know what to expect in terms of where will my office be, what project I am going to work on and with whom and what is the atmosphere in the office. The good thing was that a friend of mine joined the company and he helped me set my office desk and everyone else made me feel welcomed. – Filip K.  

Filip K. and Kiril were part of the wining team on this years Hackaton

Did you feel the team spirit right from the first day on the job? 

For sure. It was the 2nd of January and everyone was still in the New Year’s Eve mood. People joked and laughed a lot. I felt quite comfortable, and I am not the type of person that feels relaxed in the presence of a bunch of new people. – Kiril  

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