August 22, 2017

Behind the scenes at Polar Cape


Say hi to our new consultant Hussein! 


Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and how did you end up at Polar Cape?

I am a family man, originally from Linköping, Sweden. Growing up I´ve been working with everything from washing dishes in a restaurant to technical project management and system development. One period in my life I have had the role as kitchen manager at Chili wok in Linköping. What I learnt from working in the service industry is the importance of communication and service management, key learnings that have been very useful for me in the consultant role. As for my career in IT I started as technical support at Transcom, and worked towards “Bredbandsbolagets” clients, that was the first step entering the IT industry. From there I went forward started working as a consultant in a large consultancy doing everything from client and server administration to software development and project management and after that I joined Polar Cape because I was looking for something that felt a little more home and right I was. It only took a short while before I got settled.

What is your role at Polar Cape? / What projects are you involved in now? 

I´m currently working with technical project management towards clients in health-tech, for me this is a brand-new industry since I have my background in Telco. I find it exciting in more than one way, partly because I feel that I´m in the right projects; I get variation and I am really looking forward to continuing working and enter the upcoming change projects that is related to GDPR, digitalization targets and e-privacy 2.0. I also see it as a proof that you can switch and enter new industries, and I have figured out that a lot is personal based rather based on skillset from the “right” industry which makes it easier to move between different clients.

How was it to start at Polar Cape:

It was great fun, the first week we had a summer after work, I knew a few consultants from before but still many new people. but I felt that Polar Cape was easy to feel at home in and I feel that I quickly have become a part of the company.

What about Polar Cape do you like most?

I share the company’s values and I appreciate my colleagues a lot. Most of us have a broad background and knowledge and that is something that I can identify myself with, still people are very different from each other which creates a diversity. Common for most of us is a drive and ambition as the same time work life balance is very important.

Private passions?

I have two kids, a son and a daughter, 2 and 9 years old and I´m spending quite a lot of my spare time with them. Privately I´m very interested in technology and currently I´m working on a project for home automation, above that I like music and travel.

Favourite quote / motto in life?

If you face a problem that doesn´t have a solution, then it’s pointless to worry, because there’s nothing you can do about it anyway. The same goes if you have a problem that has a solution, don´t need to worry, because it will be solved anyway.