Alma Talent


Alma Talent is a Finish / Swedish media house. They own amongst others the brands Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden. Ny Teknik is read by a vast majority of all engineers in Sweden. Affärsvärlden is the second largest financial magazine. These magazines exists both in print and on-line. ​


In the competitive media world Alma Talent had the need to modernize their on-line presence. This had to be done both from a user experience and functional perspective.​


PolarCape provided an agile team consisting of UX designers, front- and backend developers. The team works together with the editors to enhance the user experience and to follow trends in the market. In the backend the team works with integration of third-party providers for payment and stock data. Polar Capes also operates the second- and third-line support with a 24/7 on-call service.​

Customer’s words

“We have worked closely with Polar Cape for nearly five years. All through that time they have cared about our products and services with high dedication and integrity. We are happy with the quality delivered and the attention we are given at each point in time. We definitely recommend Polar Cape as an all-round IT partner / Peter Edhäll CTO Alma Talent”

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