Who We Are

Our committed team is dedicated to delivering solutions
and services that create true business value​.

Why Polar Cape

Polar Cape was founded in Stockholm in 2010 and shortly thereafter, in 2011, a branch office in Skopje followed.

The company was born out of a realization that many companies providing IT services are short-term in their relation to both customers and employees.

We wanted to build something different and so we set up 3 principles that have been guiding stars ever since:


Employees should be proud of working at Polar Cape, and customers should be happy to recommend us to others.


We strive to be long-term trusted advisers to our customers. The best customer relationship for us is where we can act as a strategic partner.


Our consultants are experts in their field and deliver real business value.

This requires experience; hence we do not believe in the traditional consultant pyramid having the base consist of junior staff.

Polar Cape аt a Glance

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Mission & Vision

By creating the most inspiring workplace for consultants, we will enable and support our employees to be innovative and committed and create the best possible solutions with our customers.

Our committed team is dedicated to delivering solutions and services that create true business value.

Our flexibility, quality and integrity position us as trusted advisers and partners to our customers on a daily basis.

Our Values

Our values truly reflect us as a company since they have grown bottom–up rather than being decided top–down.

IT Consulting Service QUALITY

We believe in doing the best job possible given the circumstances.  We work hard to understand and meet expectations; from clients, stakeholders and co-workers.

Polar Capers have knowledge and experience to deliver a solution that is fit for purpose for our clients.

We understand that quality has a cost, and we make balanced recommendations based on business value.

We deliver a high quality of service, and we do it with a positive attitude and professionalism.

Managed Team Service FLEXIBILITY

We are willing to push ourselves and our colleagues outside our comfort zones and are curious to learn new things.

We are pragmatic and positive to change. We are adaptable when priorities or focus changes, without losing our sight of the business value.

Being a Polar Caper means that we always strive to balance internal activities with our assignment and spare time.

Agile Team Service INTEGRITY

We take responsibility for our own actions and try our best to keep our word. Even if we fail, we are honest about it.

We dare to give our own opinion, raise issues if we see any, and we always do it in a diplomatic way. We try to stay out of company politics and deliver on our promises.

We take pride in our client’s solutions as if they were our own.  We are humble, and we respect other’s opinions and knowledge, regardless of background, gender or sexual orientation.

We believe that diversity makes us stronger.