20 ways you know…you’ve been an IT consultant since 2000

You know you’ve been in IT since the turn of the century when you still remember:

  1. When everything was eCommerce
  2. The Information Superhighway
  3. GPRS, oh yes
  4. Millenium Bug (of course!)
  5. .com bubble popping
  6. Altavista was the search engine in peoples minds
  7. Computer screens were still fat
  8. Internet at home had that squeeeqy sound
  9. 0,5 Mbit / s was lightnig speed
  10. People still used encyklopedias
  11. wap.
  12. As many java web frameworks as javascript frameworks today (struts1&2/wicket/velocity/turbine/spring mvc etc)
  13. Every year was the year linux would conquer the desktop.
  14. Searching the client’s office for faxes you could unplug and hook in the line to the laptop’s 28.8 kbps modem.
  15. People asking you to return the email attachments they sent you ( could have been late nineties)
  16. People knew the model of their computer’s CPU.
  17. AMD vs. Intel
  18. I Love You virus made headlines
  19. The first smartphone, the R380
  20. Blogs were a new thing!

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