Client: Roger Bacon
Role:Mobile app, Website, Product catalogue
Business objectives Roger Bacon wants to change the way people buy glasses! Seeing that people are tired of buying glasses that do not fit, they found a way to use 3D print technology to print glasses that are a perfect fit to every customer.
Project solution Polar Cape was Roger Bacon's original digital solutions partner, and tasked with building up a slim but modern software stack from backend product catalogue, through integration to third parties, to the homepage, and two mobile apps. One of the apps was targeted at end-customers, and the other at Opticians with extended functionality. The apps should provide an advanced 'virtual changing-room' functionality so the user could try different models of glasses on their face, virtually, on the device. The apps were built with a combination of hybrid and native technology, with a high bar set on design and UX. The project was delivered from our nearshore office in Skopje.