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Test Manager
As a Test Manager I like the varied assignments within different types of projects, that Polar Cape finds for me. However, for me it is even more important to be able to discuss issues and have knowledge sharing with others outside my assignment, and I highly appreciate my colleagues at Pola Ccape in this area [...]


Solution Architect
As a consultant, it is important for me that my employer can secure suitable assignments with interesting customers, which is usually easier for larger companies. It is also important for me to feel involved with the development of my company, which on the other hand is easier if the company is relatively small. My opinion [...]


Front-End Developer (Relocation to Stockholm)
Are you a Front-End Developer with 4 or more years experience with JavaScript or any JavaScript framework? If you have a solid technical background, a passion for front-end development, but are also curious about other technologies – then we have a very exciting opportunity for you. Characteristics At least 4 years of professional development experience [...]


Java Developer – Join the #1 Workplace in Europe
Do you want to Join Europe’s #1 Place to work? Do you have experience in Java? Are you ready for new challenges where you can thrive? Join us at Polar Cape for innovative assignments.As a consultant at Polar Cape you will work in exciting assignments with our clients. Our clients are large listed companies with [...]


Test Automation
For me it is important to have the backup of a company that is well established, is considered trustworthy and has a well cultivated business network. These traits gives Polar Cape a unique capability to find several challenging assignments, well ahead before the current ends. The size of the company is also optimal, not too big [...]


Business Analyst
The elicitation of business needs and expressing them in the form of business process models, requirements and other artifacts is a true art form. Working as a Business Analyst at Polar Cape means you understand that delivering business value does not come from just documenting the requirements, but understanding the underlying business need and communicating [...]


Python Developer
Are you a Python developer with at least 5+ years of experience developing commercial Enterprise Python applications using Python/Django, using UNIX / Linux? We have a very exciting opportunity for you. You will be working in a tight team with the opportunity to take on diverse assignments, with supportive and highly motivated colleagues. You will [...]


Who We Are

Here at Polar Cape we practice what we preach when it comes to company culture. We strive to live by our values of Integrity, Quality with Flexibility. We believe in building a company and work environment where individuals can succeed professionally and personally.

Our aim is to be one of the best players on the market by constantly exceeding our own and our client’s expectations.  We all strive after excellence and support each other to get there.

Polar Capers are flexible and curious, we´re genuinely interested in one another, and we have a pragmatic approach in our daily work. We thrive in a culture that promotes impact in building the company, personal development and camaraderie.

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What We Offer


Our clients are both large listed companies that have processes and structures, and SME that are agile and fast paced.

As a consultant at Polar Cape you can have the best of both worlds meaning that you can alternate between these in relation to your personal development.

You have the opportunity to work with different organizations, processes and technologies.


Senior colleagues, Polar Talks, Polar Cape Academy and Knowledge Forums. One of our cornerstones is knowledge sharing!

Our activities are designed to suit the market needs and our own personal development.

Together we help each other grow.


With our international origins we value diversity, and at this moment we have more than 10 different nationalities. We believe that diversity makes us more creative, innovative and constantly changes the way we see the world.


We believe that work should be fun and fulfilling. However, we know there’s a load of other stuff that you also want to do. We help you balance work and home life. We encourage 40 h /week.