Aifloo: Self-learning e-health solution

Business objectives

Aifloo recently launched their new self-learning e-health solution, which goes by the same name. Aifloo have created a smart bracelet for elderly care, recording data such as pulse and activity patterns, which is then reported to the self-learning system.  By comparing the patient’s status and motions with their usual behavior, the system can detect anomalies and alert staff or relatives without the patient having to, for example, press an alarm button. Read full article

Change management in digitalization Transformation

Digitalization has brought real profit to economies and societies and our world is more connected than ever. All industries are still in a digital transformation phase. It is not only technical and IT solutions that need to be improved and changed, the transformation also affect people’s behavior. Individuals, teams and organizations also need to change and improve themselves in order to cope with digitalization.  Read full article

GDPR – Top 5 things to consider

“Access, Rectification, Deletion, Portability”

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25th May 2018. All companies must ensure they meet the GDPR requirements before then. The following steps provide guidance on how to prepare for the GDPR:
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