Internship programme: Way to test-drive a new career

Every year, students and enthusiasts join Polar Cape’s internship programme, gaining insights into the latest trends in IT.  The programme features projects for front-end and back-end development in different programming languages including Angular, React, Mongo DB, ASP.NET, UX design etc. Read full article

Workforce should mirror society

We are currently witnessing a transformation of the global labor market. Especially in the technology sector, there is a severe shortage of qualified staff, while at the same time many organisations continue to look for candidates who most closely resemble those they already have.   Read full article

Importance of diversity in teams 

Although it’s clearly crucial for company success, culture can sometimes be an excuse for conformity. Most recruiters and employers dwell on the idea of cultural fit. It has become a cause celebre among experts. Many executives make the mistake of hiring same-background staff while trying to avoid conflict at all costs.

A fit is someone who’s able to communicate and build healthy relationships with the other staff members. Read full article