Polar Expedition 2017

Swedish explorer Nordenskiöld led Expedition Vega in the 19th century – the first ever crossing of the Northeast Passage. 200 years later our adventurer Lena Padukova is following in his waves! Read full article

Flexibility in action

All of you with project management experience know that flexibility is a must when it comes to adjusting to new requirements along the way. Read full article

Aifloo: Self-learning e-health solution

Business objectives

Aifloo recently launched their new self-learning e-health solution, which goes by the same name. Aifloo have created a smart bracelet for elderly care, recording data such as pulse and activity patterns, which is then reported to the self-learning system.  By comparing the patient’s status and motions with their usual behavior, the system can detect anomalies and alert staff or relatives without the patient having to, for example, press an alarm button. Read full article