Polar Expedition 2017

Swedish explorer Nordenskiöld led Expedition Vega in the 19th century – the first ever crossing of the Northeast Passage. 200 years later our adventurer Lena Padukova is following in his waves! Read full article

Internship programme: Way to test-drive a new career

Every year, students and enthusiasts join Polar Cape’s internship programme, gaining insights into the latest trends in IT.  The programme features projects for front-end and back-end development in different programming languages including Angular, React, Mongo DB, ASP.NET, UX design etc. Read full article

Workforce should mirror society

We are currently witnessing a transformation of the global labor market. Especially in the technology sector, there is a severe shortage of qualified staff, while at the same time many organisations continue to look for candidates who most closely resemble those they already have.   Read full article