Polar Expedition 2017

Swedish explorer Nordenskiöld led Expedition Vega in the 19th century – the first ever crossing of the Northeast Passage. 200 years later our adventurer Lena Padukova is following in his waves! Read full article

Some thoughts regarding test automation

I have been involved in several test automation project over the past years, with various results. Some projects were huge successes while others were total disasters. What I have noticed is that there are some common denominators in the successful projects. Read full article

Coaching leadership

I’m deep down below in a sailing boat’s slowly rocking, slightly stinking belly. I’m getting some plumbing work done; making a new installation and enhancing an old. Dealing with a legacy from previous owner requires respect and a positive mindset; if you do not want to find half-amateur made “customized solutions” covered with deep sh… ehm, patina, then you should invest in a completely new purchase, not only the system – I mean a brand new boat. Read full article